IOT Healthcare – “Sick Care to Wellness care”

The traditional view of health care has been sick care, it is a reactive response rather that a pro-active response. Healthcare presently involves big machines that uses high bio medical engineering. This makes healthcare constricted to hospitals or high end clinics. There is a drive towards personal health monitoring but no concerted efforts towards democratizing healthcare. We need to migrate from sickness care to wellness care. Wellness care requires comprehensive data of vital statistics like HR, SPO2 and BP for taking any serious decisions. This requires a platform for pervasive computing. Also we are hear talking of changing behavioral patterns that requires persuasive technologies, that are easy and compulsive to use.

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What is embedded product development?

Embedded product development is a multivariate function of cost and time with a desired outcome and inter-dependencies based on type of technology, skill, project constraints etc. The job a designer is to find a global optimal solution. Having spent around 15 years in product development, it is very interesting to note that the key to a reliable product solution lies in the solution mix. Continue reading “What is embedded product development?”

Why Tantragyaan?

As a technologists and embedded product developers we have always wondered about the positive impact that technology has brought into human life and experience. The closest answer got was that technology is a tool to empower humans achieve efficiency like the steam engine, computer etc or enhance human experience like the optical technologies or bring people closer like communication technologies etc. Continue reading “Why Tantragyaan?”