Active Vibration Control

Active vibration controller is used in a military aircraft and automobiles to analyze vibrations of the structural members in order to counter the vibrations and hence stabilize the structural members. This is used as part of active maintenance in automobiles, aircrafts and helicopters.

Vibration Stabilizer use Piezoelectric sensors attached at strategic locations of the moving parts feedback the vibrations that are analyzed and piezo electric actuators used to nullify the vibrations. This improves efficiency and life of moving parts.


Active vibration sensing

Four channel vibration sensing

Air worthiness


Power amplified drives

Power Amplified drives

Piezo Actuators

ARM Processing Core

ARM Cortex M4 for digital signal processing

Signal Processing

Closed loop vibration control

Closed loop vibration control

Up to 1A capacitive load

Why “Active Vibration Control”

  • Active vibration controller reduces wear and tear of moving parts and increases life
  • Active vibration controller increases efficiency of moving parts
  • Active vibration controller has power amplifiers to drive capacitive loads upto 1A, that is required to drive peizo electric actuators
  • In aircrafts and automobiles the most costly moving parts are monitored to improve life
Proactive maintenance


Active vibration controller uses piezo-electric sensors to sense vibrations, sensitive frontend analog electronics sense the vibrations. Signal processing units in the system analyse the vibrations for frequency, phase and amplitude. Power amplifiers drive piezo actuators that apply counter vibrations to the structural member to reduce vibrations. Active vibration controllers are installed.

  • Engine and power train vibration isolation


    Automobiles require isolation of vibrations from the engine and power train to the chassis.

    Active vibration controller proactively counters vibrations to provide a smooth in-vehicle experience.



  • Wings and rotor vibration control


    Aircrafts wings are subject to high degree of vibrations due to wind, active vibration controller installed on the structural member stabilizes this to improve stability.

    Helicopter rotors need to function efficiently to improve flight, the rotors are fit with active vibration controllers to reduce wear and tear and hence improve efficiency.

  • Improve quality of manufacturing


    Precision industrial processes cannot take place if the machinery is being affected by vibration.

    In industries like semiconductor, high precision machining etc. Active vibration controllers are used to stabilize the manufacturing process and reduces defects.


  • Stabilize marine vehicles


    A major problem, in isolating large marine machinery rafts, is how best to mitigate against the effect of excited resonances.

    These generate large forces on the hull and produce undesirable characteristic signatures.



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